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Founded in 1874, Crosby’s earned leadership in overpressure protection has supported its customers’ safety and productivity for 125 years. From whistles, gages and safety valves on original steam locomotives to the high demands of today’s nuclear, chemical, refining and power industries, Crosby is there.

Crosby supports a wide range of heavy industry applications, and is known for its "beyond limits" approach to unique customer applications. They also maintain the industry’s most extensive high-flow facilities for valve testing on air, steam and water.

Crosby’s field service and Pressure Management Center network is available to serve you. Crosby’s pressure management products are specifically designed for your exacting demands. Style JOS-E/JBS-E: the world’s most widely used and trusted top-loaded, flanged PRV. Series 800, 900, BP OMNI-TRIM: screwed or threaded, this economical precision lapped metal or soft-seat PRV provides the ultimate in seat tightness. Crosby H Series: power plants throughout the world are now experiencing the benefits of this re-engineered product.

Crosby Series 800 and 900 OMNI-Trim Pressure Relief Valve

Crosby Series BP OMNI-TRIM - Balanced Threaded Pressure Relief Valve

Direct Spring Operated
Pressure Relief Valves
(ASME Code Section VIII)

  • Style JOS-E
  • Series 800 & 900 OMNI TRIM
  • Series BP OMNI TRIM


Direct Spring Operated Valve

Crosby Styles JOS-E, JBS-E, JLT-JOS-E, JLT-JBS-E, Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valves

JOS-E Direct Spring Operated Valve

Crosby Style PVR - Pressure-Vacuum Relief Valve

Specialty Valves
  • Style HPV-ST
  • Style JQ
  • Style PVR

Style PVR
Pressure/Vacuum Pressure Relief Valve

Crosby Style HE ISOFLEX, HCI ISOFLEX and HSJ Safety Valves

Direct Spring Operated
Safety Valves
(ASME Code Section I)

  • Style HCI Isoflex
  • Style HE Isoflex
  • Style HSJ

Crosby Style HL, High Capacity, Flanged Steel Safety Valve

Low Pressure Steel Safety Valve

The Crosby Style HL Low Pressure Steel Safety Valve for steam applications. The Style HL brings the industry a modern, low cost alternative to the current industry standard that has been around since 1879.

  • Style HL
  • Sizes: 1.25" F 1.5" thru 6Q8
  • Inlet Ratings: CL 300, CL 600
  • Pressures to 600 psig (41.39 barg)
  • Temperatures to 1000°F (538°C)

HE, HCI Isoflex, HSJ
Direct Spring Operated Valve

HL Low Pressure Steel
Safety Valve

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